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About me
I Live In Middletown Maryland, I Am 13 Years Old And A Male, I Like To Surf The Net Hand Out With My Friends Go To The Movies Play Sports And Talk To My GF Jeni
What I'm interested in:
  • Sports
    I Play Baseball, Football And Basketball, My Favorite Sporte Is Baseball I Play Center Field And I Am A Pitcher......I Don't Play Football For Schoool Or Anything.. But It Is Still Fun To Play... In Basketball I Play Under The Basket Cause I Am So Tall. My Favorite teams Are Dallas Cowboys, Baltimore Orioles And Chicago Bulls
  • Net & Friends
    I Surf The Net, And Talk To My Friends Like Nermil Flame Stuff4m3 Mace187 Hash ^Manson^ Fester001 GetYourGunn Evil_Satan_Man GingerFish Andrea` BloodLust Crystaline Cloudy Daizy8 Giggles Grweb Mercyme Meri Mousey Mrs-Manson Muff&Fluff Satan DarkAngel Spotlight Harmony Sabrina Sweet_Girls And Anyone Else I Forgot
  • Movies & Shows
    My Favorite Movies Are Independence Day, The Truth About Cats & Dogs, The Cable Guy, Chain Reaction, Mortal Kombat, And Both Ace Ventura Movies On TV I Like The Simpsons, Mortal Kombat, Mad About You, Most Of The Shows on UPN And Wb60..Some Of The Shows On FOX Are Good But Most Of Them Are Dumb As Hell My Favoite Commerical Is The Diamond Engagement Ring, Where The Guy Preposes To His GF At The Beach, Because It Makes Me Think Of Jeni Even More Then Normal.
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